Quicksilver yaasssssss


So this Asian couple has come in a few times to look at a road bike, and they finally bought it today (woo, I’m totally gonna get paid), but they spent about half an hour deliberating it in their native language first.

Our intern is bilingual (Spanish/English), and he comes up to me after and goes, “Okay, so at what point did you feel frightened and bewildered because you had no idea what was going on?”

I just smiled.

Between the snowbirds from Quebec speaking French, the locals speaking Spanish, the Brazilian riders, and the various European tourists, I’ve gotten so frickin’ used to not being part of the conversation, it doesn’t even bother me anymore.

Besides, this was the third time they’ve been in, I knew they were going to buy the bike. When someone comes into the shop to look at a bike more than twice, they’re either gonna buy it or attempt to steal it.



why isn’t Sam/Steve ship called American Airlines

thank you for riding

I just misread a post as “to write Liefeld on her arms”.

I think I need some caffeine. 


the-ren replied to your post: im fueled by john green hate it just f…

He’s like the male version of Stephanie Meyer?

he’s like so much worse because people will make fun of twilight without a second thought and nobody gets mad

if you insult john green he has like a following

he has “nerdfighters” or whatever

he’s got power

and he must be stopped

QUICK, TO THE attic because Florida ain’t got no caves.

-theme music-


That fucking Punk is Dad post I made is going around again, as is my post about MCU actors, and my Reed You Douchebag post just exploded in notes.

I guess I found which comics fandom appreciates me more.

My dad just started screaming expletives because he was tricked by an old April Fools post about how Netflix was going to be releasing more Firefly episodes.

Daddy, always, always check the date before getting excited about things.

I’m so excited to see how many Eisner nominations the Hernandez brothers got.

Brb I gotta hear this song. *_*

It’s adorable which, granted, is a weird thing to call a song about murder.

Sometimes I remember that Kesha has an unreleased song called Revenge that is about her straight up murdering a dude and like

Sweetie just do an entire album like that. Upbeat pop songs about killing boys, I can dig it.

Robbie Reyes is the kind of guy who could use an incredibly cheesy pick-up line and have it work because he’s so sincere.

No miss, really, your body is a wonderland. I kinda spotted your White Rabbit tattoo while I was working up the nerve to come over and oh god I’m just going to go away now and 

Yeah okay I’d really like to go see Oculus with you, see you Friday.





i bet none of you know about the shooting in the jewish community center in kansas today on the eve of passover

another story on the matter

Not to mention the shooter was heard yelling “heil Hitler” and CNN had the nerve to claim the shooter’s motive was “unclear”

i cant wait for people to classify it as a mental issue and not blatant nazism ahaaaa


Haaahaha right of course because this wasn’t 100% an act of terror on members of a religious minority on US soil it was just some waaaacky mentally unbalanced white guy.

Placing bets on how long it takes before the fact that people are dead is pushed aside in favor of talking about gun control.


How It Should Have Ended: Frozen [x]