I just had a really sobering thought.

Imagine how much mainstream comics fans would hate Axel if he’d been a girl.

I mean, for the most part, even Rogues fans don’t like Axel much. Be honest, if people like Kennedy, Marie, Bia, October, and myself weren’t practically shoving positive (canon and fanon) attributes of his down your throat, would you actually like him? Probably not.

Because in canon, he’s a bratty teenager that tried to force his way onto an established team. You know, there actually was a female character like that, over in Birds of Prey. Her name was Misfit, and the forums I used to inhabit hated her.

And she was a teenage girl trying to get onto an all-female team! Imagine if Axel was a girl, for a moment, during Crossfire and subsequent storylines. It would be sort of cool, having three major female villains (fem-Axel, Magenta, and Blacksmith) all in one place during the dismantling of the Network, but afterward? Axel is still considered a James knockoff by the dudes at my LCS, and probably on the various forums I abandoned years ago. Imagine if that James knockoff had been a girl.

Fairly accurate impression of the DC fandom at large? I think so.

  1. justm3h said: Wow… um when I was first introduced to Misfit I liked her. Mostly because she was so energetic and young compaired to the rest of her team members. I mean I think Axel is a punk ass brat but I didn’t start liking him because of tumblr. N52 did that
  2. flyingambulist said: // I honestly probably would’ve liked him more if he was a girl. Which isn’t saying much at all seeing how much I still dislike him buuuuuut
  3. gabnats said: i just felt it was important to tell you that this was the first post i’ve ever seen wehre i associated the name “Axel” with DC right away instead of Kingdom Hearts. you did it. you brainwashed me. thank you.
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