i just felt it was important to tell you that this was the first post i’ve ever seen wehre i associated the name “Axel” with DC right away instead of Kingdom Hearts. you did it. you brainwashed me. thank you.

I…wh-who are you? Do I know you? I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to brainwash you. I’m sorry. I work at a bike shop so I associate the name Axel with bikes all the time eek.

// I honestly probably would’ve liked him more if he was a girl. Which isn’t saying much at all seeing how much I still dislike him buuuuuut

I just want more girl Rogues, oops? New ones, legacies, whatever.

Wow… um when I was first introduced to Misfit I liked her. Mostly because she was so energetic and young compaired to the rest of her team members. I mean I think Axel is a punk ass brat but I didn’t start liking him because of tumblr. N52 did that

Ugh I love Misfit. She just felt so much like a, like a real person, you know? She got sad, she got angry, she got jealous. She made it clear that she felt like she needed Babs’ approval to prove she’d made it as a hero, and that was such an incredibly real, teenager sentiment that it floored me. I miss her. 

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